Size Guide and FAQ

Q: How big are your indoor/outdoor blankets and throws?
A: LiLLE indoor/outdoor throws and blankets come in two sizes: standard and large.

Throw/standard cover dimensions: 60" x 72"
Blanket/large cover dimensions: 60" x 96"

Our throw/standard size was designed to cover an outdoor lounge chair or loveseat, and our blanket/large size, at 96 inches wide, is plenty big enough to cover an outdoor loveseat or 80" sofa.

For comparison, a typical twin blanket is 65 x 90 inches, and a queen is 90 x 90 inches. 

If you have a sectional or longer outdoor sofa we recommend ordering multiple throws/blankets to keep your furniture clean and dry.

Q: How do I attach LiLLE covers to my furniture? 
A: You don’t. 

Each LiLLE cover is a rectangle just like any regular blanket or throw, BUT LiLLE covers have a pocket at each corner that holds a flexible, water-resistant, removable rubber triangle—these corner weights weigh just enough to keep your cover in place on a windy day. 

Q: Can I use LiLLE throws, blankets, and pillow covers inside? 
A: Yes.

All LiLLE products are made from super-soft, breathable yarn that make them look and feel like products you'd want in your living room or bedroom even though they were designed to be used outside. The fact they're durable, water resistant, and easy to clean makes LiLLE products a great choice for homes with kids, dogs, or for the boat. 

Q: What does water resistant mean? 
A: LiLLE products are made from breathable, woven, treated fabric not easily penetrated by water.

Water rolls off of our indoor/outdoor throws, blankets, and pillow covers and they're all meant to protect your outdoor furniture and pillows from the elements including rain.

Our products, however, are not waterproof, meaning they will not block 100% of water 100% of the time. They may soak through during a steady downpour or in heavy rain. If the forecast is for heavy rain please bring your throws, blankets, cushions, and outdoor pillows inside. 

Q: How do I care for my LiLLE products? 
A: LiLLE products will maintain their water resistant properties for up to 20 washes. 

Just remove corner weights from throws and blankets before washing. Machine wash in cold and dry on low when necessary. Remove when the dryer cycle is done. Or, shake after washing and line dry. 

To extend the life of your LiLLE products, spot treat with a mix of white vinegar (1 tablespoon), liquid dish soap (1 tablespoon), and warm water (3 cups). Rinse and air dry, or dry on low.

Additional questions about cover sizes or our products? Send us a note—we’re happy to help you find the right LiLLE combination to protect your outdoor (or indoor) furniture.