About LiLLE Cover Company

A letter from our founder:

I got brand new outdoor furniture with white cushions. I was ready for spring. So were the birds. 

I Googled outdoor furniture covers. I wanted something cute to protect everything from weather, pollen, dust, dirt, and robins—something to keep my outdoor furniture clean and dry. I scrolled through page after page of brown elastic tents. But I didn’t want giant brown tent-style covers. I wanted cute outdoor blankets. 

I couldn’t find the thing I was looking for so we made it: super soft, water resistant, fade resistant, machine washable, indoor/outdoor blankets with flexible, removable corner weights so they stay put no matter the weather. 

Easy on. Easy off. No elastic. And not brown (except brown herringbone). 

So, after two years of product development and product testing with an amazing team of friends and smart partners, LiLLE Cover Company—with a name inspired by Lille, the famed textile region in France long-recognized for textile innovation—was born.

We hope you love the patterns, colors, functionality, and practicality of our indoor/outdoor blankets as much as we do and can’t wait to see how you style your new LiLLE products in your outdoor living spaces (or in your living room).

Hilary Le Bon 
Founder, LiLLE Cover Company